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Briefly in English

Gym rules Gym rules to ensure general safety and comfort

Price list and fees

•Single use ticket 12€

•Gym + virtual classes Membership
(1 month term of notice) 49,90€/month

•Gym + group exercise classes + virtual classes membership

(1 month term of notice) 59,90€/month

•1 Month membership, Gym + virtual classes 59€/month

•3 Month membership, Gym + virtual classes 55€/month

•Block Ticket (10 uses), Gym + virtual classes 99€/10 uses

•Annual card, Gym + virtual classes 520€/year

Students and pensioneers

•Gym + virtual classes Membership
(2 month term of notice) 39,90€/month

•1 Month membership, Gym + virtual classes 49€/month

•Block Ticket (10 uses), Gym + virtual classes 50€/10 uses

Kuntokeskus Pro application instructions

Download Kuntokeskus Pro app and get many benefits! With the application you can for example open the doors and view or edit your information. Download from your own app store!

Buy a membership or a free trial easily with the app:

1) DOWNLOAD the Kuntokeskus Pro application from the App Store or Play store​​​​​​

2) BUY membership, one-time card or free trial with the app

3) USE the application as an access key and you can use our services immediately!

With the app you can:

  • reserve a place for group exercise
  • read the gym's current news
  • buy a membership or gift cards for our services
  • contact customer service
  • pass through the doors of the fitness center​​​​​​​​
  • view your own information and billing information


Each of our customers must register as a user in the system. When registering, you create a username (your email address that you gave to Kuntokeskus Pro) and a password. The e-mail must be the same as the one you entered when you activated your account. In this case, the system understands that you are the same person and you see the correct key/invoicing information. You can register with the application after downloading the application.

It is not necessary to activate the application. You can also access the gym with your access key and you can view your own information via our website. Regardless of whether you are a new or old customer, you must still register and create your own ID.

If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new password from the application or from the top right of our website by clicking "Log in" and "Forgot password".

​​​​​​​ 1. Stamp your access tag at the front door every time you enter.

2. Leave your outdoor shoes neatly on the shoe rack, only use indoor exercise shoes, outdoor shoes must not be used for training inside.

3. Follow the opening hours of the gym. The hall is available every day from 5 a.m. to midnight.

4. Admission without a membership card or misbehavior will result in loss of membership.

5. For security reasons, the gym has recording camera surveillance.

6. Do not use a broken device, but inform the staff immediately.

7. Take the handles, weights, bars and equipment you used back to their proper places.

8. It is forbidden to drop cast iron weights from above hip height.

9. If necessary, use a sweat towel to protect the device.

10. If necessary, wipe the equipment after use. You can find wiping cloth and disinfectant in many places.

11. Only use drinking bottles with caps, mugs or cans are not allowed in the gym.

12. Always consider other people as well. In the gym, every exerciser is equal.

13. Lockers are only for storage during training, lockers locked overnight will be emptied.

14. Put your garbage in the bin. If you leave snuss on the floor or in the device, the card will be closed immediately and payments will not be refunded.

15. Do not support or use emergency exits, except in emergencies of course.

16. Intentional damage to the property of the fitness center is prohibited. In addition to compensation for damages, the membership can be terminated by Kuntokeskus immediately by notifying the customer in writing.

17. If you use magnesium, use it cleanly. Liquid magnesium makes less mess and gives better grip. But whenever possible try to use traction belts.

18. Entering the gym while intoxicated is prohibited.

19. Children may not run freely in the gymn. We follow Tukes' safety rules. Make sure that your child stays in the children's park / lounge and escort him back there.

Terms and Conditions

1. Kuntokeskus Pro's customer contract is always concluded in Kuntokeskus Pro's online store or reception. The customer accepts and undertakes to comply with the conditions specified in this agreement when paying the first payment in the online store or by presenting an official ID when picking up the customer ID. Customers of Kuntokeskus Pro are all persons over 15 years of age who have accepted this service contract in the online store and have paid the initiation fee and the service fee, who have an email address and a Finnish account number.

A person under the age of 18 works out under the responsibility of a guardian who has accepted the Kuntokeskus Pro contract, and a customer ID will only be issued to him with his approval. The parent or guardian is legally responsible for the membership and all membership fees. If the membership has been established for a minor, the billing address of the payer/guardian must be reported to Kuntokeskus Pro in the guardian's information section in the online store or via email to This is important so that invoices are directed to the correct address. The customer is aware that Kuntokeskus Pro partially operates without on-site staff, and that the main communication with the center takes place via e-mail. Kuntokeskus Pro has the right to transfer this contract to a third party.

2. The customer is given a personal key card to use to authenticate the customer. The customer undertakes to stamp his key card or open the door with the mobile application every time he uses Kuntokeskus Pro. It must also be shown to the staff on request. The loss of the key card must be reported to Kuntokeskus Pro immediately. The customer is responsible for the costs that may arise from the misuse of a carelessly stored key card. The customer must immediately be informed of a change in their contact information. Kuntokeskus Pro stores the customer's information in its own information systems and processes the information in accordance with the Personal Data Act. If the key card is lost, the customer must claim a new key card in place of the lost key card for a fee according to the price list. Damaged key cards will be replaced free of charge. The key card may not be handed over to another person. The key card must be returned when the contract is terminated.

a) If the customer intentionally hands over his key card to a person who does not have a valid Fitness Center key card and that person uses the Fitness Center's services without permission, the customer will be fined €500 (five hundred euros). In this case, it is also possible for Kuntokeskus to terminate the customership immediately.

b) If the customer intentionally lets a person who does not have a valid Fitness Center key card into the Fitness Center's premises and that person uses the Fitness Center's services without permission, the customer will be fined €500 (five hundred euros). In this case, it is also possible for Kuntokeskus to terminate the customership immediately.

3. At the beginning of the service contract, an initial payment is made according to the price list. The initial fee is not refunded in connection with the possible termination of the service contract.

4. The customer has the right to use Kuntokeskus Pro's services during the customer period in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

5. The membership is valid for the contract period specified in the contract. The membership is personal. The service contract is valid either indefinitely or for a fixed period. Fixed-term (10x card, monthly card) contracts are not chained. The customership continues automatically or as long as the payments related to the customership have been made and the contract has not been terminated at the reception. If necessary, the membership can be suspended for health reasons or terminated. In all of the above cases, the customer makes a notification by e-mail or in writing. Any other termination is null and void.

6. We invoice our customer(s) every 30 days as advance billing so that the payment for the upcoming training period is due on the same day as the new training period begins. The invoice is generated automatically 14 days before the due date, payment terms 14 days net.

7. Termination of membership (membership valid for the time being) takes place by e-mail, and a representative of Kuntokeskus Pro acknowledges the notice of termination by replying to the e-mail message. If for some reason the member has not received written confirmation of the termination from Kuntokeskus Pro within 14 days, the member must immediately contact Kuntokeskus Pro to clarify the matter. A customer agreement valid for the time being can be terminated no earlier than 60 days after the membership start date. A 30-day notice period applies to the customer agreement, however, if one more membership fee falls within that period based on the payment schedule according to the service agreement, the agreement will continue at least until the end of that payment period. If the customer has advance payments made with exercise vouchers or a similar payment instrument issued by the company when the contract is terminated, these will not be returned or refunded in any way.

8. A direct payment and invoicing agreement is made for the service fee. The customer is responsible for concluding a payment agreement in his online bank or for concluding a direct payment agreement in his own bank branch.
The monthly payment for the service contract valid for the time being is charged to the customer's account once a month (invoicing period 30 days). The start-up fee and the first month's fitness fee are paid in the Kuntokeskus Pro online store or at the reception, in which case the payment is debited from the customer's account immediately. The initiation fee and the first month's fee cannot be paid with sports vouchers or similar payment instruments.

9. Price changes will be notified to the customer no later than 60 days before the price changes take effect, Kuntokeskus Pro will announce the changes on Kuntokeskus Pro's notice board and via e-mail. The price of a pre-paid fixed-term service contract cannot be changed afterwards in the middle of the contract period. When the validity period of the prepaid service contract expires, the customer can redeem a new service contract according to the price list valid at that time. Kuntokeskus Pro is obliged to notify the customer of changes in prices caused by VAT changes or possible other official actions at least one month before transferring such changes to the prices paid by the customer. Any changes to the value added tax will enter into force for monthly contracts immediately on the date of the tax change.

10. If the agreed payment for the use of the services does not take place as required by the payment terms, the customer's right to use the Kuntokeskus Pro services is terminated until the payment is made. Another person or company can take over the payments or part of the payments according to the service contract. The co-payer (payment obligee) may at any time, without giving notice or reason, suspend the execution of these payments. In this case, the adult customer is always personally responsible for all payments under the contract. Kuntokeskus Pro has the right to charge late payment interest and a reminder fee according to the price list, as well as office costs for late payments. If the invoice has to be transferred to collection, the customer pays the collection costs.​​​​​​​

11. Kuntokeskus Pro reserves the right to keep the center closed, to change customer service and the center's opening hours, and to make seasonal changes related to holidays, public holidays, etc. Kuntokeskus Pro will announce changes on the center's notice board and via email. The fitness center is also used as a presentation space at company events or possibly for advertising shoots, in which case the fitness center may be temporarily closed. These and other special cases will be announced on the notice board and on the website in good time. These special cases have already been taken into account when determining the prices, and the customer is therefore not entitled to receive a separate refund for them. Kuntokeskus Pro also reserves the right to change or limit the number of equipment and products in use.

12. Finnish law applies to this agreement. Any disagreements that may arise from this agreement, which cannot be resolved through mutual negotiations, will be handled in Hyvinkää district court. In addition, the customer always has the right to submit his dispute regarding the consumer product to the Consumer Disputes Board free of charge. The board is a neutral and independent, non-judicial dispute resolution body. Complaining to the board is free of charge for the customer.

Welcome to Kuntokeskus Pro!

​​​​​​​​*These terms and conditions are valid from August 10, 2022